Bullet Journalling

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love my Filofax, I have written about it before on the blog, I had one when I was younger, it broke and I was so excited when a couple of years ago Mr L brought me a gorgeous […]

I Love My Filofax, I Do…

Recently trying to keep on top of things, hasn’t been the easiest of tasks. Mainly because Baba has been at home, for nearly three weeks now, due to being ill as well as his Easter Holidays. Having him at home is fantastic and I love […]

Sorting time!

We have had a really busy weekend, going out and visiting people, as well as sorting the garden and trying to start to sort out the house. We have a lot of little things, that aren’t really of any use to anyone. Ornaments, Avon products,¬†jewellery […]

Household Cleaning!

So this weekend we had to sort out the top room, meaning that we have had to sort out the mess that has been up there! All the things that I don’t really know what to do with have been put up in that top […]