My Adventures and Tales

A Little Bit Of Odd

Well if you are popping on over to the blog at the moment you may notice that the blog is looking, well a little strange, and that is mainly due to a lot of photos no longer being there and instead a black image about […]

Books, Books and More Books

When I sorted our books and made the indoor library I realised that we have a huge amount of books that haven’t even been read. I then looked into my kindle and found over 200 books sitting in there that haven’t been read. Since then […]

No Phone!

No Phone!

So last week I was in the middle of doing a little Tropic promotion on Instagram, I had taken the photo and was just about to edit it and post it, when my phone just turned off. It had about 30% battery there was no […]

Writing Block

I am still here just about, I have had a bit of a writing block over the last few months where I really haven’t known what to write or when. I have had ideas but when they have arrived life has got in the way […]

A Catch Up Blog

At the beginning of this year I had decided that I would blog more, last year the blog really got left to its own devices and I really missed it, so wanted to get into a rhythm again with my little space on the interweb. […]

Hello 2017 Goodbye 2016

Well hello 2017 and goodbye to 2016. Last year kind of went by in a blur and I am not really sure what happened. But I know that I seriously think I missed it. The last couple of months certainly flew past with Baba’s operation […]


I haven’t blogged in days. 18 days to be precise. And I am not really sure why. I think of things to blog. But then it doesn’t happen. There are many reasons why when I think about it. Tropic is amazing at the moment and […]

And Then It Was September

This year seems to have gone mentally fast. Before we had blinked it was September, the summer had gone and the holidays had finished and both boys have begun a new school and preschool year. We had a great summer, and lots of adventures were […]

Indoor Fairy Garden

Anyone who reads this blog will know that I love a fairy garden, I have attempted one a few times and each time it has all gone wrong, either the weather has destroyed it or the dogs have destroyed it. So after this winter I […]

Back Pain Management

Last year I wrote quite a lot about my back pain and the treatment that I was having, I get officially signed off from that treatment this week, fingers crossed. But over the course of my treatment I was taught back pain management exercises, and […]