Mummy Time


Well hello I am still here, I am still not sure what to do with this here little space of mine, I feel it needs a direction but I am not sure what type of direction it needs. And to be honest it is really […]

Our Second Goodbye

Ever since having and loosing Rhianna Lily I have been adamant that no one forgets her name, no one stops talking about her and everyone includes her in our lives. In our family. In the greater families. We are a family with Rhianna Lily missing, […]

Trying To Get A System

Over the past few weeks I have learnt something, it isn’t actually anything new it is something that I have known for years but it is something that is now really bugging me. I work from home, we made this decision when we had Baba […]

Health Check and Pregnancy Check

Yesterday I had to go back to the doctor, (it is becoming more of a regular place than my own home at the moment). My doctor wanted to check that the chest infection and sinuses had all gone, and I had to see him for […]

Pregnancy Sucks

I haven’t been blogging recently, it has been a conscious decision really it isn’t that I haven’t got anything to say as the past few weeks I have had lots and lots to say. But I have not wanted to bombard the few people who […]

Pregnancy Health

When I was pregnant with Baba I put on nearly five stone, he was a diddy 5lbs 12ozs so it wasn’t him at all really! By the end of the pregnancy they thought that I had pre-eclampsia and I was rushed in to be induced […]

A Letter To My 3 Year Old

Today you are three, where has that time gone? I could go on about the fact that I can remember vividly the day you were born, but you know what I am your mummy I am always going to remember vividly the day you were […]


I spent one weekend away from the family this weekend, and even that I wasn’t the whole weekend, both Friday and Saturday I came home to sleep and was here the next morning. So I didn’t leave anyone I never was away wholeheartedly I was […]

Love You Mummy

We got up, came downstairs, put the TV on, discussed the programme of the day surprise surprise Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and made Baba his breakfast. He was sitting watching TV eating and happy. So I quickly put the computer on to start the day, Tuesdays […]

Some Days Are So Hard And Full Of Guilt

I was going to do a blog today about the lovely Secret Post Club parcel that I received today from the lovely Susie over at New Day New Lesson but I have had such a bad day that I had to write about that first. […]