Fur Baby Adventures

One Month!

A month ago this little one came to live with us. The month has gone fast, and it has been an interesting one. Since Buddy moved in he just seems to have settled. He has brought out the dog side of Tito, as he has […]

Buddy, Buddy, Buddy!

Lots of things have been happening at home while I have been having a blogging break. Mostly organising and redecorating and a lot of it not great news. But there has also been a little addition to our household in the form of Buddy! Buddy […]

My Name Is Bob…

My name is Bob and I am nearly two years old! I spent my first fourteen weeks in Pets at Home, and no one wanted to buy me. It wasn’t until after Christmas last year that Baba came into the store and brought me with […]

Our New Family

Over the holidays we were busy, we loved every moment. But we also got some new family members.

The Love Of Your Dog

I love my dog dearly, in fact I probably love all our pets dearly, and in fairness it is more me that pushes to buy the animals than it is Baba. Even though they are all his except the dog! He was around before Baba […]


Tito has put us through his paces in the four years that we have had him, we have nearly lost him through eating a stone. He has wrecked the bottom of the house, he has ripped up carpets. He is a nightmare at loud noises, […]

How To Spend All Your Money Before 9.30am

It is really rather simple. 1) Wake up to a hallway full of surprises, and no not pleasant ones, namely diarrhoea and sick all over your hallway floor, left from the dog the night before. A dog that has already been on chicken and rice […]

It Never Ends!

There are points in your life when you just think please stop. Our life has been stressful the past few weeks, Mr L was poorly, Baba had his operation etc etc. You have all heard it before I am tired about talking about it all […]

We Are A Dog Walking Family

So I have been going on and on about walking the dog and getting fit that I thought I could not keep talking about it without actually doing something about it. So today, we as a family started on the dog walking regime. I do need to […]

Dogs Are Your Best Friend!

Today am ill and feel pretty pants. I have kicked everyone out to try to stop it spreading. Here is my company for the day.