Fur Baby Adventures

A Quiet Day

Today we have had a chilled day, we didn’t go anywhere except our town and I managed to finally get the house sorted and catch up with the chores and some washing. The boys went out with their Nanny for a bit and took a […]

Codie, Codie, Codie.

Saturday Baba had golf, as he does every Saturday. We went to the lesson, and then went on to do a little shopping. To keep the boys happy we promised that we would go to the pet shop to look at the animals once we […]

Palliative Care

When we went to the vets for our meeting to discuss Tito’s care we were told we had two options. Tablets or injections. Now Tito is not a good tablet taker he spits them out if you hide them in food. If you squash them […]

The Big ‘C’

I so haven’t wanted to write this post, as somehow writing it down means it is really happening. It is really happening we are living it, but not putting it out to the whole world means I can some what hide from it. But I […]

The Raw Food Diaries

Tito has always been a wotsit when it comes to food. All those years ago when he first came to us as a tiny little ten week old, he has been a nightmare. He was a poorly pup, and spent a lot of time in […]

Buddy and Boo

Bringing a baby home is such a massive life change. It is a shock to the system with your first child, it takes some serious getting used to and I remember Mr L and I walking around in a daze after Baba came home. But […]

A Serious Telling Off – Dog Style

We have two very different dogs, even though they are both beagles! Tito is a 6-year-old that has been behaving like a 10-year-old since the age of 1. He isn’t an energetic dog. He never has been. Tito loves to sleep, it is his speciality. […]

Dog Borstal!!

So recently we have a dog that has certainly been living in the dog house. Tito has always been headstrong, he does what he looks, when he likes and can be the most disobedient dog you would ever know. He doesn’t like noises. He doesn’t […]

Training Buddy!

So Buddy has been with us for quite a while now and we are seeing the real dog now that he has settled. To be honest he is a lovely dog, and he has settled in really well. He loves Tito, he loves Baba, he […]

Meeting Other Dogs

So last week Buddy had another new experience in our house, meeting my sisters black lab. My sister and her family are coming here for Christmas and they always bring their lab with them for the whole day. The dogs end up having lots of […]