Boo’s Adventures

School End 2015-2016

So last week both Baba and Boo finished school. The first year they have both finished a school year. Baba has walked out of Year 2 and will be walking into year 3 in September nearly an 8-year-old and Boo has finished his first 6 […]

A Holiday with Stolen Childhood Moments

This holiday the days have been long and the nights have been short It has been full of stolen childhood moments The kids have taken a step back and they have just been kids Their clean toes have woken up and by dusk they have […]

A Trike for Boo

Boo is obsessed with all things that have wheels, tractors, cars, vans, and bikes, so when I found a little second-hand trike for sale I knew we had to get the trike for Boo as he would love it and we never really had one […]

Time To Be Free

Time To Be Free

I love school holidays, it’s a time when the boys just have time to be free. There are no restrictions, no rules about bedtime, where they have to be, what they have to do, or what they have to wear. They go to bed late, […]

A New Chapter – Boo Starts Preschool

This year is the start of a new chapter in our lives, the chapter where Boo starts preschool. It was something that he was so excited about, he has been asking to go to preschool since September, when Baba went back to school and was […]

My Sister…

Loosing a child is hard I think that is an obvious statement. But Baba was around. However hard it was at the time, he was around, he experienced her loss, and he know she was here and then she wasn’t here and he will never […]

Boo Turns Two

This week has been a manic week with a little man’s birthday in the middle. This week our rainbow boy turned 2. He has been so excited about his birthday, and his little tea party with his friends and his cake! It has all been […]

Boo’s First Preschool Visit

Next week Boo turns two! Where has the time gone. So a couple of weeks ago we headed off to the same preschool that Baba went to, a tiny little one in a local village, for his first ever visit, to see what Boo really […]

Boo’s First Love

A few weeks ago we had a trip to the beach. That trip resulted in us nipping to the arcades and playing on the teddy machines, and the boys having rides in the cars. Mr L is a bit of a pro on the teddy […]

Boo’s Big Boy Bed

13 days ago Boo had the biggest change for him since he was born. After 18 months, of living in our room, and 17 months of sleeping in his cot he moved. He moved into his big boy bed and he moved into Baba’s room. […]