Boo’s Quotes

Boo’s Bites 11/05/2016

After a trip to the dentist, who just counted Boo’s teeth. “Well my teeth are just beautiful now Mummy”

Boo Bites 2/5/2016

Sitting at dinner, Boo looks at Baba and says; “Baba you’re the best brother in the world you are” Precious moments. A snippet of their day. One snippet to remember forever.

Boo Bites

Me: “Boo go and wake up Baba as he has to go to school” Boo walks into their room and climbs on Baba’s bed “Baba got go to school mate, got go school mate”

Hand, Foot and Mouth Boo’s Edition

When Baba was little he got poorly one day and ended up with spots all over his face and hands, it wasn’t a massive amount, but the blistered and we thought he had chicken pox. We went to the doctor and got told he had […]

Boo Bites 07/09/2015

Boo has started to speak, and started to put words together and I love recording his little sayings, like I have always done with Baba. Today sitting on the sofa Boo picked up IgglePiggle, and held him in his arms. He then got his water. […]