Why do you always choose them instead of me? Even though you can see the pain in my eyes? Why do I never come before them? Could you have run away faster? Do you know how that makes me feel? Do you really care? Why […]

What A Dad!

You infuriate me, You make me shout You make me scream, You make me cry like I have never cried before! You are unorganised, You are messy You are forgetful. You are temperamental You don’t like to not get your own way You strop like […]

Perfect Day

Sitting on the decking Baba playing in the garden Trampoline out, Water table out. Dog laying on the grass, Taking in the sunshine A perfect day! Housework done, Washing done, Ironing can wait Time to enjoy! Reading a book, Writing what I want Getting all […]

My Day Today

I have had a busy day today. We have been here there and every where! Oh what a lie that is! Baba is still poorly, So we had a lazy day on the sofa. Do you know what, it was lovely. I have not stopped […]

I just want to pee!!!

To whoever is the higher being, who can make things happen I have a request for you… I just want to pee I want to pee in peace I don’t want an 18 month old following me in the toilet Chatting to me while I […]

Our Little Baby Boy!

You run around all day Screaming and shouting Chatting non stop, nonsense to us but a conversation to you You are playing with this and playing with that Building towers, crashing cars, playing football Making tea, doing puzzles, reading books All things that you love, […]

Silent Moments at Night

Night time has come And Mums last to bed One more stop To the baby’s bed As she walks in, he is upside down All his covers are thrown, and his feet are hanging out She smiles and goes through their nightly ritual She finds his dummy and his […]


As most of you know I am a member of Judith’s Room the lovely and great creative writing community, and each week they are doing a theme to do a piece of writing about. Currently it is the seven deadly sins, and this week is […]