My First Handmade Blanket

I have always dipped in and out of knitting, it is something I have always wanted to learn and to be able to do, but something that I have always struggled with. I started buying the Art of Knitting a few years ago, and then […]

Developing a Love of Sewing

Last week as I sat hand sewing my square for my #crafttheparcel project, I realised that I was actually really enjoying sewing. Sewing is not something that comes naturally to me, to be honest whenever I need something sewn I send it to my mother. […]

A #crafttheparcel Blanket Square

At the end of 2014 I was emailed asking if I wanted to join in a collaborative project called #crafttheparcel with a group of other bloggers to make a blanket. The idea of the project was for each blogger to make a 12″ square, and […]