What Do You Need To Start Scrapbooking?

Oh I can’t Scrapbook I am not crafty like you? It’s a sentence I hear all the time. It is a sentence that is not true. Scrapbooking isn’t about being crafty. Scrapbooking is about preserving your memories, keeping them for future generations, letting your children […]

How To Store Your Scrapbooks

So far in our Keep Your Photos Safe series we have talked about why you should scrapbook, and why you should use Acid Free and Lignin Free products in your scrapbooks. So you know what to do with your photos and why to put them […]

What is Lignin Free And Why Should You Use It?

Over the last few days I have been writing about why scrapbooks are more personal than albums, why they protect our photos better than albums, and why acid free is so important. Today I want to discuss lignin. What is Lignin? Lignin is basically a […]

What Is Acid Free and Why Should You Use It?

Yesterday I blogged about what is scrapbooking, and mentioned acid free paper. When I make albums and keepsakes at Scrapbookerry I only use acid free paper, and acid free adhesive. It means that the paper maybe a little more expensive to buy but it also […]

What Is Scrapbooking?

So it occurred to me that while I have been working on the website a lot of people don’t actually even know what scrapbooking is. So what is Scrapbooking? If you look up the definition of Scrapbooking in the dictionary it is simply “the activity […]

Changing a Change

Last week I wrote about changing the Scrapbookerry Logo and the website, I worked hard on it for a few days and then stopped. There was something not right and I couldn’t put my finger on it but I wasn’t happy with it. I got […]

A New Logo and a Refreshing New Look

For a while now I have wanted to update my Scrapbookerry website. Not because I don’t like it, but because where it is hosted has become far too rigid and I don’t have the flexibility that I need to increase what I do and to […]

A Craft Room Resort

So this week I went back to work, I feel like I am harping on about it at the moment, but I have been off work for such a long time, that I have so many things to get used to again that it is […]

A Covered Notebook and Returning to Work

So today after deciding to take maternity leave from Scrapbookerry for the last few months, I decided to return back to work. I need to be working, I need to be bringing in some money, so that all the responsibility isn’t all on Mr L […]

A Baba and Boo Scrapbook Page

Scrapbooking is my love, so much so that I run a business in it. But since taking a maternity break from Scrapbookerry I really haven’t done a lot of a scrapbooking, and I really should as it soothes my soul, it really calms me, makes […]