Nativity Scene

This year I have loved adding to our Christmas decorations but one thing that has been really bugging me is having a nativity scene it is something that I have really wanted to have not a funky one, or a child one but a traditional […]

Christmas Mayhem

So Baba has finished school, and Christmas can finally begin. However exciting that is, it also brings the mayhem that happens before Christmas. The week where I run around like a mad person trying to get everything ready and sorted before Christmas day. Every year […]

Learning To Decorate Candles

I love crafting, paper and scrapbooking is my baby, but I love all sorts of crafting, and I love to learn new things. So when I got the opportunity to have a go at decorating candles I snapped it up. I thought it would be […]

Christmas Is Coming

So Baba’s birthday has been, Halloween has been, which means we have Mr L’s birthday, Boo’s birthday and then Christmas. Finally I need to get my Christmas hat on and start thinking about presents. I love Christmas. I love Christmas shopping but I really don’t […]