Writing Workshop

Years Gone By

I wish to be walking by the sea, Hand in hand, Children running in front of us, Laughing having fun, Making memories.

The Simple Things

The joy at completing your to do list Having a tidy house Having time to walk the dog, The dog bounding around with joy on his walk, tail up and sniffing everywhere you go Child climbing the slide, the right way and the wrong way […]

Total Bliss

Laying on the sofa, watching TV, my legs on Mr L, Baba sitting on the floor. All watching a movie together. Baba turns he looks, he laughs, he finds this funny. Back to watching the TV, lazily moving from dozing to watching. No thoughts in […]

I Believe…

I believe…. In you and in me, We may not always understand where we are going. We may not always like where we are going. But we are moulding ourselves to make us the best we can, I believe that we can do it,


You see birth, Walking through the corridors, Slowly breathing, stopping and starting Screaming, shouting and groaning The sounds vibrate through the walls People arriving as one person and leaving as a family There is a rush a quickness

I Would Give To You

Sitting in the hospital With your temperature peaking And not going down Your little tiny being Laying so still but shivering and fighting whatever is wrong

I Am…

I am a multitude of things Ranging from a mother, A partner, A daughter, A sister, An aunt, A friend.

The Devil’s Red

It comes over you in an instant, The flash is as quick as lightning. You are smiling, then it is gone. Your eyes are lost, and the anger grows You become taller, bigger almost bloated Not seeing or hearing a single thing or person around […]

Far, Far Away, Deep Out Into The Sea!

Life is hard, Life is difficult, even on  a good day. But there are days when you literally could scream You are in pain, from the stress and despair that life throws at you. And there is nowhere to turn You feel you can’t stop […]

Mummy and Baba Moment!

You have a nappy and vest on that’s all you need, your temperature has been up all day.  Your vest is undone and hanging open round your knees. You strut round the room like you own it, and come over, crossing your arms on my […]