The Gallery

The Gallery – Birth

28th of May 2007 was an important day it was the birth of Tito, he was born over in the Isle of Wight in a litter of ten. As soon as we saw the pictures we knew that Tito was the one for us, we […]

The Gallery – Grandparents

This is my mum’s dad, the only grandparent I don’t remember. I vaguely remember my dad’s dad he died when I was three, but I really only grew up with my Nanny and Granny. Both living until I was well into my twenty’s.

The Gallery – I’m Grateful For

There are lots and lots of things I am grateful for… Good health, family and friends, health care, clean water, my education, the list could go on forever and ever.

The Gallery – Chilled Out

Baba has grown a lot in the past few weeks, the daytime naps have all but gone, I may be lucky when he is on a long journey in the car otherwise they have finished. He has ditched them completely. Which means he goes to sleep […]

The Gallery – April

This week the theme for the Gallery is April can you sum the month up in a photo? I think this photo explains everything that has happened this month…

The Gallery – Green

Baba has a few passions in life, typically boy passions as well I have to say. He is a little obsessed with football, totally obsessed with tools, diggers, cars and trucks but his biggest obsession, (it is that bad it has gone past passion) is […]

The Gallery – Tomorrow

Tomorrow you will be one day older That one day seems so silly But means so much to me You are not my baby boy any more

The Gallery – Mother Love

A mother’s love lasts a lifetime, It is constantly changing but always there. She is your all and everything, The most amazing person ever, You depend on her for everything But you grow,

The Gallery – Hair

We have a constant row in our house between Mr L and I it is one that started about a year ago and will never end and in a few years time I think a third person will be involved. It is always about the […]

The Gallery – Trees

As soon as I saw this was the gallery theme this week I knew exactly which picture I wanted to post. Baba and I discovered this tree on a recent walk with Tito and I think it is an amazing tree.