The Gallery

The Gallery: Memories

When Tito got diagnosed with cancer on the 25th February 2014 we got told with pallative care as long as he was happy he could last another two weeks to another few months. The vet said it was very unlikely he would go in his […]

The Gallery – Yellow

I haven’t entered the Gallery for a long long time, but when I saw this weeks theme was yellow I had to enter. Baba has taken a liking to sunflowers, I am not sure whether it is because they are Nannies favourite flowers or just […]

The Gallery – Delicate

Standing there holding on so delicately in between all the stems and petals and not falling, or loosing grip at all. There is something magical about that!

The Gallery – Easter

I haven’t participated in The Gallery for a long time, but this week meant a lot to me. This Easter has been a very different one to ones we have had in the past, we are not a big Easter family. It has never been […]

The Gallery – Inspirational People

This week’s theme for The Gallery is Inspirational People over at Sticky Fingers. As soon as I saw the theme I knew that I had to post this picture! This is my Nanny and I when I was a tiny little baby.

The Gallery – A Happy Memory

The theme for this weeks Gallery is a Happy Memory, an impossible task just to pick one. 

The Gallery – Animals

We are an animal family, both Mr L and I grew up around animals and as soon as we had our own flat we had our first pet. Our hamster, Tyson. Once we moved to a house we brought our dog and we have never […]

The Gallery – World Photography Day

This is not a technically brilliant photo, but it is one that I will cherish for a long time. One that I will remember and one that will always bring a smile to my face.

The Gallery – Black and White

Life is so simple as a child, You go to the park, Get on a swing, Be pushed as high as you can

The Gallery – Water

Once I saw the theme for The Gallery this week was water, I knew exactly what I wanted to post… There is a certain place near us that I love… The beach! I have talked about how I feel calm there before, I am not […]