Dear So And So

Dear So And So…

Dear Mr L, I am so pleased you liked your presents and had a good birthday. It was really worrying me that you would hate them and you don’t know what a sigh of relief it was that you did like them. Thank you. Love […]

Dear So And So….

Dear Baba Lets get one thing clear here, 3am not wake up time, understand! Staying awake till 5am not good either and then being awake at 6.30am seriously not on. Mummy does not want to play this game again, it ends today! Ok! While we […]

Dear So And So….

Dear Mr Postman, Seriously I can not believe that it will take you two and a half hours to get back to the sorting office for my parcel to be there to collect it. Firstly you could walk around the whole of this town three […]