Closer to Nature

Flowers, Flowers and Flowers

I came across this flower when walking Tito the other day. It was getting late in the day and the yellow of the flower really stuck me. It was a gorgeous flower up against a brick building, and was the only flower that was there […]

The Way Of Nature

Mr L went to Rhianna’s grave I couldn’t go as well as Baba was sleeping peacefully in the car. So I sat in the car park and waited for him to come back.

“Teeny, Weeny, (Whispers) Tiny Frog” By Baba Aged 3 and a half

“There was once a frog, a teeny-weeny, tiny (whispers) baby frog. This frog was a little scared he had lost his home, and couldn’t find his mummy and daddy. He got scared in the dark and hopped to the nearest home that he could find. […]