Alphabet Project

Alphabet Project – H is for Happy

It doesn’t matter where it is It doesn’t matter what it looks like It doesn’t matter what the weather is like It can be hot, cold, windy or raining It can have stones, no stones, sand or no sand The water can be in or […]

Alphabet Project – G is for Grave

A grave is such a quiet place Such a sad place Such a tiny space No room for hardly anything Such a small space I remember being so shocked by the size while we stood there Watching you disappear I remember being shocked how tiny […]

Alphabet Project – F is for Family

There is no one else more important. No one else I love more in the world. No one else I will protect to my dying breath. We are a family orientated family, we are close to both sides. The boys see their Aunties, Uncles, Nannies, […]

Alphabet Project – E is for Eyes

Eyes. The link to our souls. The clue to our feelings. They give you the look of love, of hate and of sadness. These are the eyes of Norman. Ones that are so loving, so loyal, so wanting. Ones that have seen things that I […]

Alphabet Project – D is for Delight

Baba loves to grow things, he has my mothers gardening bug, as Mr L and I are useless at growing things. But we try, because we know he loves it so much. Last year for the first time we had a proper go at a […]

Alphabet Project – C is for Crafting

Running my own Scrapbooking business Baba loves to copy me and loves art and crafting. He even has his own art space under the stairs. I suppose you could say it is in his blood. But when it is raining outside and there is nothing […]

Alphabet Project – B Is For Beagles

It started with our friends dog Nutmeg, 7 years ago. It developed with Tito seven years ago. Two years ago it grew with Buddy. It got broken with Tito dying this year. And it is being repaired with Norman And Buddy is being repaired with […]

Alphabet Project – A Is For Ambulances and Antibiotics

Anyone who reads this blog will know that on Friday Boo was taken on his first ambulance ride into hospital suffering from croup. We were in there most of the day and finally got home at two pm. Since then Boo has battled a temperature, […]