Alphabet Project

Alphabet Project – R is for Remember

I didn’t just want a guest book from the wedding, I wanted something different and unique. I wanted something we could see everyday. Not something that was stored away. Something on show so we could remember our wedding day every day. I wanted something unusual. […]

Alphabet Project – Q is for Quaint

There was a reason we wanted this church to get married in. Yes it was the church Baba was christened in, and the one Boo will be christened. Yes it is near Mr L’s family, which is why we able to get married there, because […]

Alphabet Project – P is for Perfect Day

August 30th 2014. 3pm I married my best friend, the best father in the world, and the most loving caring man I have ever met. I married my soul mate. And it was the perfect day! I am linking this post to PODcast’s Dove Alphabet Project.

Alphabet Project – O is for Organised

It took a long time and there were quite a few times that I didn’t think I was going to make it. There were endless nights, no sleeping until 3am and up again at 6am. Tiredness was not the word. There was surviving the day […]

Alphabet Project – N is for New

I have been on my Juice Plus journey for a few weeks now, and have to say that I am loving it. So much so that Mr L is seeing the improvements and the changes in me and has started to join me on the […]

Alphabet Project – M is for Masterpiece

Baba has always loved to draw, and be crafty in general it is something he has entirely developed from me. Mr L is totally uncrafty and it is something that Baba and I really enjoy doing together. This summer he has done lots of crafty […]

Alphabet Project – L is for Lily

I have always loved lilies. So much that our daughter had their name – Rhianna Lily. The day she died lilies became so important. They were the only flowers we had at the funeral. They are still the only flowers I buy. Her grave always […]

Alphabet Project – K is for Kids

I love my kids unconditionally, there is no doubt. But when Baba and Boo are free. No timetable. No homework. Nothing on the TV. Nothing distracting them. When they are just them. Just playing. Making memories. Just being kids I am in awe of them. […]

Alphabet Project – J is for Joy

I was heartbroken when I looked down and saw no stone. I never thought I could become so attached to a ring. Worried it would be away getting fixed for the wedding. And worried that I would never love it quite as much as it […]

Alphabet Project – I is for Ill

He has been tired for ages, and been quite unbearable for a while. We have been on Chicken Pox watch, but no spots seem to have appeared. Although tonight after bedtime Baba appeared. He had a temperature, he said he felt sick and he was […]