The laughs, the cries, the shouts

They hit you as soon as you drive close

Children playing, children having fun

Families having picnics,

Children playing football


Having fun at the local park

And you walk past it

In silence

In a bubble

That family that leave the park behind them

Carry on walking in silence

Walk the walk along the woodland path

Past the gate and into the cemetery

The quiet cemetery

Where there is no noise

There is no laughter

There is no joy

There is no fun

Just quiet and flowers

And headstones

It is a beautiful cemetery

As beautiful as a cemetery can be

It is the perfect cemetery for you

The perfect place for a little girl to rest

Over looking green common

Rabbits and birds jumping and flying around the cemetery

And noises of children playing

Children having fun

A place that you would go to

A place that you would no doubt enjoy

And as we sit ever so quietly next to you

Ever so quietly still with you

You can hear the laughter of the children playing

And you can imagine how much fun you would have there

Just a few steps away at the park playing with your brothers

And it makes it the perfect spot for you.

Your Perfect Place
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2 thoughts on “Your Perfect Place

  • June 11, 2015 at 9:16 pm

    Aww this is lovely. Tears, but it’s nice. Sending you lots of love x


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