I am still here just about, I have had a bit of a writing block over the last few months where I really haven’t known what to write or when.

I have had ideas but when they have arrived life has got in the way and they have quickly disappeared.

Rhianna’s birthday hit me hard this year and I took a long time to process it and recover from it.

But we have also been so busy.

We have had a few days away.

And have been busy making some plans for decorating.

We haven’t overly decorated many rooms, since 2008 when we had a mass decoration of all the rooms in the house before Baba was born. Most rooms are now ready for a change.

And we have been looking and deciding for weeks now what to do in each room.

It takes a lot of time, sitting on Pinterest getting ideas and browsing through decorating magazines.

Time literally does disappear when you are doing that.

But in the last week I have found I have really started to miss this little blog, as I always do when I don’t write for a while.

So it is time to get back into the writing.

It keeps me sane.

Even if I am just posting pictures to be honest.

It still makes me happy.

So decided I brushed off the laptop actually opened it and decided to write.

Whenever I open the blog after a long break a feel a sense of relief that I am writing.

I know that it is good for me.

It helps me with Rhianna.

It helps me with grief.

So I am hoping the need will out way the block and the blog will be more active from now on.

Writing Block
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