Over the past few weeks I have learnt something, it isn’t actually anything new it is something that I have known for years but it is something that is now really bugging me.

I work from home, we made this decision when we had Baba and that means also keeping on top of the house.

But it never works.

I am fed up off looking at the house and it being a complete and utter tip.

I can literally spend all day cleaning and still the house is a mess.

And to be honest I am totally fed up as if I stop nothing gets done.

Last week the bronchitis got the better of me, I was ill Mr had to take time of work to look after me and when I finally started to get better. Not one thing was washed up or one thing had been put through the washing machine.

And to be completely honest I don’t see why I should bother when no one else does anything with me.

Baba is literally one of the most untidiest people I have ever met and isn’t through lack of trying to get him to tidy up. He is fantastic at tidying everywhere else, just when it comes to our house he is a messy little wotsit.

And it bugs the hell out of me.

I sit here looking at the mess and disorganisation so often and firstly wonder where the hell to the start. Secondly wonder why I should bother as within minutes it will be a mess again. Thirdly can’t be bothered, as what is the point when it is just a mess again in a few moments.

I don’t get a chance to do the things I want to do, or just be with the kids or actually just to work as all I seem to do is clean, clean and clean and get no where.

And to be honest, I need a system I need to work something out so that I don’t spend my whole life cleaning and I am determined to sort something.

As I am not a person that loves to clean and organise, so it needs to be simple, it needs to be fun and it needs to be easy to follow so I can keep up with it!

How do you keep on top of mess, tidying and organising as I am looking for any tips out there!

Trying To Get A System
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