I have already written a little about my Tropic goals that I have for 2016, and you can see the run down of them in this post, but I haven’t really recorded them at home.

I also wanted them to be more SMART goals, rather than just general statements. I wanted them to be specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused, and time- bound goals.

Last night I sat down and tweaked my goals, I made them very specific, writing down my long-term goal, and then dividing this into shorter term goals. Each of these goals was a specific thing leading to the long-term goal, they all have a measurable point that shows when I have achieved these goals, and I have to achieve the result of one goal to be able to move onto the next goal. Each goal including the long-term goal has a time scale that I want to achieve these goals by.

The goals are not unrealistic they are easily achievable, and follow what I blogged about the other day, getting more customers, more sales and a bigger team within Tropic. But every goal is focused, it is manageable in small chunks and I have goal posts for when I want to have achieved each step towards the long-term goal.

I decided that all of this would only be achievable if I saw these goals repeatedly in the day, and never really got away from them.

So I did all the goals on the computer and printed off a few copies.

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The first copy I stuck on our kitchen cupboard, directly above our toaster, and above our cooker, so I shall see this repeatedly every day. First when I make the boys their toast for their breakfast and when I cook tea, and make lunch. I can stop and read it repeatedly so that I never forgot what goal I am aiming for over the next few months.

I have also printed off a copy for my large Filofax, (that still needs to be sorted), my big A5 diary and my Pocket Filofax.

The last one I was most excited about.

I have a section in my pocket filofax for affirmations and goals so these Tropic goals have gone in there and I can re read them whenever I want to.

Tropic goals, goal planning, SMART Goals, planning, focused, intentions, aiming, goals

I actually love this section of my pocket Filofax as it has some of my favourite quotes in there and I read the section at least once a day, if not more some days so I know that I will be reading these goals a lot being in here and in this section.

I am really excited that I have developed these goals and have made them SMART and focused.

Now to start crossing them off as I achieve them!

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Tropic Goals
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