“Baba, Mummy, Daddy, Daddy’s Nanny, and Grandad, Mummy’s Nanny and Grandad, S, J, C and T, Moo Moo, G and C and Tito all went for a walk in the forest to find treasure. We have taken a treasure map and we have to go through big trees and it is very dark in there and there is a path. We have to follow the path to find the treasure. There are no animals in the forest it is just dark. 

At the end of the trees there is a monster. Moo Moo gets scared and screams at the monster, and everyone else fights the monster. He is a green monster, with orange, red, black and purple spots. The monster is big with little teeth and everyone beats the monster. We win and he goes down the bottom of the path, underneath the path so no one can see him. 

After the monster we all see a witch in a spooky house, she is indoors. We go to the door and find her and Moo Moo gets scared again but she doesn’t scream. Lots of witches come out of the bedroom and Moo Moo is really scared. The witches have black and orange eyes because they are REAL witches, with white and orange hair. They don’t speak, they all have wands and see us so put them in their pockets. 

We leave the witches there as they are scary so we walk past the house and find a clear path leading to a spider house, with lots and lots of spiders in. The spiders are all eating leaves but we are ok as Tito goes and eats all the spiders because they are Tito’s favourite food. We walk across the spiders house. 

After the spiders house we change our clothes and shoes and go back into the forest. We have a long walk and get to a river. It has two big crocodiles in there, but one has died. So there is one baby crocodile on its own, but he is still big. The crocodile swims to the waterfall, and he swims away. We all walk across the river via the bridge, Baba has to help Daddy’s Nanny and Mummy’s Nanny across the bridge because they are both scared. But he gets them across. 

There is a beach the other side of the bridge and we have to walk over lots of sellotaped wooden steps to get to the treasure. Daddy has to get a spade to dig up the treasure. He doesn’t have to dig for long before we find the treasure. We find an orange and red box full of chocolate and gold treasure. We all eat the chocolate and the gold and then go back home!”

This is Baba’s story about The Treasure Hunt, he told me the whole story I just wrote it down and I didn’t change any of it, except take the names out for the blog. He also drew the map that we all followed to find the treasure.

I think I have a buddy artist, author in my house.

But most of all I am enormously proud that at just three years of age this is what his imagination is like. I love that little man so much!

The Treasure Hunt, By Baba Aged 3
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