Anyone that reads my blog will know my weight is an ongoing issue, many moons ago I tried Slimpod, but for whatever reason, mainly I wasn’t in the right space, or I fell pregnant, or I wanted to be pregnant I would put it to one side. But this year I am totally fed up with my weight, and my size, so when I was offered to review the Slimpod Gold I knew that it was the perfect thing for me.

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Recently I have had a few blood tests for various things, and my sugar levels have come back borderline. They are still not in the diabetic range, but they are getting very close, and having a father who is diabetic, this is something that I have to take note off.

It is the final kick really. My weight has bothered me ever since I gave birth to Baba, I hate how big I have got, and loved how small I used to be.

But it isn’t the size it is also how unhealthy I have got as well.

My drinking water is awful, I literally can get to midday some days and haven’t had an ounce of liquid. This is not good I know that and it needs to change.

I also do no exercise, and I need to start. I know I am so unfit, that I couldn’t do anything remotely fit with the boys as I am so unfit myself, and it does annoy me that I have let things like this slide so much.

I comfort eat, and I crave sugar, I don’t drink enough and I don’t sleep enough. Surviving on just a few hours each night.

All things that are one day going to catch up with me.

So it is time to change and I am really excited to be using the Slimpod Gold Programme, I have downloaded the app, brought the slimpods, and printed out the Success Log. I have filled in all the information and I have listened to the first slimpod, along with Mr L who managed to listen to it before I even did.

I am excited to blog about my progress using this programme and seeing how far I can go with, and the differences it will make.


The Start of Slimpod Gold
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