So yesterday I went and registered back with Slimming World. Over Christmas I felt my clothes getting tighter and tighter and I felt my dependence on chocolate, biscuits and cakes growing. So I knew it was time to do something about it again.

I have done most diets going, but lost a lot with Slimming World after having Baba, and I loved doing Juice Plus last year but to be totally honest we can not justify that money every few weeks so I needed to find an alternative, and it was a choice of what else has worked in the past.

So Slimming World won.

I could have just done it from the information that I have at home, as I still have my old books, but Slimming World has changed this year, here are no more green and red days, its now about extra easy and sp and as I always did extra easy before it is a good change for me.

I have to admit, I knew I put on weight, but even I was shocked by what the scales said.

I really do have a lot of work to do!

I am determined though, as I really want rid now.

I was totally unprepared and there was a part of me that thought its my first week I can start tomorrow when I woke up this morning.

But then I shook myself and decided to get organised.

I sat down and did my meal plan, and then sat down and wrote my shopping list and Boo and I then headed off shopping.

A few hours later I was organised and so pleased I went for it today.

I managed to have a good day, I only had 7.5 syns, and made a completely free dinner that we have never had before which really was lovely. I really did surprise myself.

I even managed to go through You Tube and found some nice quick 10 minute workouts that are for absolute beginners and actually did one this evening.

I am really bad at exercising and it is something that I really want to include on my journey this time, and am really pleased I have started the way I want to continue this time.

I feel like I have started positively and I have a plan until the next meeting and I am really pleased with how my first day has gone.

The Slimming World Journey Starts Again
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