Once I saw the theme for The Gallery this week was water, I knew exactly what I wanted to post…

There is a certain place near us that I love…

The beach!

I have talked about how I feel calm there before, I am not a great lover of actually going in the sea but I love watching the water and just feel calmer and happier when I am there. It is a calming place, and one that we have taken Baba to many times before. We go in the winter walking the dog, and go for lots of walks to the beach, but it isn’t very often that we go when it is warm so that everyone can go in the sea!

This was changed this weekend we went to the beach twice in three days and both times Baba went into the sea. He has learnt to jump the waves with Daddy when the tide is coming in and had great fun with the tide being out! I think that we have our own little water babe on our hands!


 As soon as we got to the beach he was in the sea with his Daddy and it didn’t take long for him to be sitting in the sea!

He was splashing around and having a great time!

And was having the best fun ever!

Oh what it is to be beside the seaside!



The Gallery – Water
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