It’s a sunny day and all the farm animals are outside playing and eating. The horses are running around, and the pigs are rolling in the mud.

Suddenly the cow looks up and looks at his mummy and asks ” what is that Mummy”

“What is what Darling?”

“It’s a….”

“A huge Chicken run, run and hide. Everyone run and hide the chicken is coming for us”

This chicken isn’t a normal chicken, he doesn’t walk like a normal chicken, he stomps across the land, feet first stomp, stomp, stomp. He lifts his legs and trample whatever is in his way and he doesn’t care. 

The animal run into the barns, and look out scared and frightened. With lots of squeals and screams waiting for whatever this chicken is going to do. But then something catches their eye, this chicken doesn’t want to cause any harm he is just leading all the other animals to them. Behind him, there are cows, horses, one lonely duck, pigs and sheep and they all want to play. They all look so happy and they want to play.

The animals on the farm, slowly and quietly walk out of the barn, and beckon for the others to come over and play. They all get together in the field and knock down the hedges, because they don’t need them. They are having fun, they are all running around and jumping over things, and enjoying the sun. It is so hot outside and they can all see their shadows.

Then it gets, really really dark, and it doesn’t go away. The big chicken is sitting on the side of the farm, as he is too big to go anywhere else. But he is looking scared.

He starts to shout, and flap his wings, the Green and Black Goblers are coming. If the Goblers get you, you are in trouble. No animal wants to be got by a Gobler, they take you away and they aren’t nice. You may need an Ice Man to get rid of the Goblers but the best thing to do is hide and fast.

All the animals are running to the barn, they are leaping into the barn, and laying down as hiding laying down is the best way to get rid of the Goblers. Everyone gets in the barn and the Chicken goes behind the barn (as he is too big) and they are all silent.

No one moving and no one making a sound, waiting for the Goblers to go.

The Goblers look around they move some things about, but eventually they get bored and they go, as they can’t see the animals that are all laying down in the barn. To the Goblers they aren’t there.

The animals wait, they will have to stay there two days, to make sure the Goblers don’t come back, but then they will be able to come out and play again!

These Goblers are serious business don’t you know.

And there are some serious things you need to know:

1) Goblers can be Green or Black

2) They will take you away, no one knows where, and no one knows for how long but they will take you away

3) To get rid of Goblers, go and hide and fast! Lay down and don’t move, be very still and silent

4) Stay hiding, laying down being still and quiet for 2 days then the Goblers will be gone! And you will be safe.

This was a little story that Baba was acting out the other day with his farm, and the Goblers! 

The Farm Yard and The Green and Black Goblers By Baba Aged 3 and a Half
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