It comes over you in an instant,

The flash is as quick as lightning.

You are smiling, then it is gone.

Your eyes are lost, and the anger grows

You become taller, bigger almost bloated

Not seeing or hearing a single thing or person around you

People are shouting at you

Trying to calm you,

Nothing will get in your way

Not him, your best mate,

Not her, your life long friend

Not me!

It is like you have been taken

The devil…

Has suddenly overtaken you

He has become you

And all you can see is red

You will not stop

Till the person in your path has had what is coming

You need to hit out, you need to fight

You will hit anyone in your way

The devil red has overtaken

There is on outburst

A firework is lite

And it is an almighty bang

Then the devil is gone.

The red has disappeared

You can see again

Your eyes are back, you can hear

The devil has departed…

Until next time!

This post was written for Josie’s Writing Workshop I choose prompt number 4. Red
– Something this colour inspires in you.

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The Devil’s Red
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