“There was once a frog, a teeny-weeny, tiny (whispers) baby frog.

This frog was a little scared he had lost his home, and couldn’t find his mummy and daddy. He got scared in the dark and hopped to the nearest home that he could find. This plant pot was perfect for his home as it had a daddy snail, and mummy snail in there already so for the night they looked after the little frog.

The next day when it was light, the frog remembered that if he hopped out of the plant pot, across the garden, out the gate, turn left, and then hop along the path that he was nearly home, it was only one more turn up the alleyway and he would be home.

But he felt so bad, as the Daddy snail and Mummy snail had looked after him so well in the plant pot, they had dirt and grass. But there was no water and the baby frog really needed some water.

He spent all morning trying to hop out of the plant pot, but he was only a teeny, weeny (whispers) tiny frog, that he couldn’t make the leap. He knew it was a long way, and was getting scared that he would have to stay with the Snails. They were nice it wouldn’t be that bad but they weren’t Mummy and Daddy frog! No one was as good as Mummy and Daddy frog.

It was a sunny day, and the baby frog was scared.

But then there was big shadow, and the big giant came along, and picked up the pot. Every step made the baby frog jump a little more, the steps shook the earth and everything moved. And then it was silent and the giant moved away.

The pot was no longer up in the air it was now down on its side.

And the teeny, weeny (whispers) tiny frog, could see the path next to the pot. He didn’t have to leap, he could just do a small hop and he was out of the pot. He could see he wasn’t in the garden anymore, but he was in the alleyway and only needed to turn the corner to get to Mummy and Daddy frog. He looked at Mummy and Daddy Snail and waved goodbye, thanking them for looking after him last night. With one giant leap he was off, hopping along the path to his real home with Mummy and Daddy frog. Vowing never to get lost again!”

This was our frog/toad that we found in a flower-pot on Monday. Baba was convinced it was a frog, I am not so sure, being that we have a lot of toads around here I think it may have been a baby toad.

We decided that we would put the pot out in the alleyway as I didn’t want the dog to get it and it seemed desperate to get out of the pot. When we went back a couple of hours later, the frog/toad had disappeared.

Baba then told me this little story about the “Teeny, Weeny (whispers) Tiny Frog!” He is a buddy author I think, and I love this story!

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“Teeny, Weeny, (Whispers) Tiny Frog” By Baba Aged 3 and a half
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2 thoughts on ““Teeny, Weeny, (Whispers) Tiny Frog” By Baba Aged 3 and a half

  • July 25, 2012 at 11:11 am

    Lovely photo, and a great story to go with it 🙂

    • July 29, 2012 at 12:10 am

      Thank you, he is fab at making up stories xx


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