A few weeks ago I saw the lovely Edspire doing some science play with some sweets and knew instantly Baba would love this sweet science. He is a bit of a science freak and I knew that he would love watching what happens when you add sugar coloured sweets to water.

These sweets aren’t something that we buy very often so I put the idea to the back of my head and made a mental note to remember to do it when we next brought them.

As it so happened Mr L came home with some sweets last week, and as soon as I saw them I remembered about this really easy science project.

Literally all you need are some different coloured sugared coloured sweets and some water, we just used cold water (not sure if it makes a difference to use hot to be honest), and a bowl.

We put the water in the bowl and then added the coloured sweets and waited.

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Within moments the sweets started to lose their colour and the colour started to leak into the water, as Baba described it.

He was fascinated.

We decided to leave it while we ate and washed up to see what happened to the sweets and the colour from them.

sweet science, science, sweets, water, colours, children, learning, play

When we came back we had an almost perfect circle of almost perfect sections of colour.

Baba absolutely loved this and insisted that Daddy and Boo both came to look at the sweets before we threw them in the bin and washed up the bowl.

Such a simple thing that he found so fascinating and so easy to do.

Something I am sure we will do another time in the future.

Sweet Science
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