Spring days mean time outside, all day if Boo has his way.

Digging and playing.

Bug hunting.

Bug hotel building.

Worm pie building.

Playing in the sand.

Planting seeds.

Spraying water.

And generally just getting filthy from start to finish.

It means the wildlife come out.

The spiders are building webs.

The worms are eating the soil.

And little tiny beauties arrive in our gardens.

Ladybirds land and climb over our table.

They investigate the world around them.

They climb into toddler hands.

They stand for a while.

They walk around their fingers.

They fly off their hands.

And come back and sit for a little while.

Spring has arrived and the weather is nice.

The children are playing.

Exploring and watching everything regrow.

The little bugs are coming back alive.

And it is great to watch them see the magic in everything that is once again new for them.

Spring Days
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2 thoughts on “Spring Days

    • March 28, 2017 at 3:35 pm

      Thank you so much, am making a real effort to use my proper camera at the moment and not just my camera phone and loving the difference xx


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