So last Thursday was weigh in day.

Mr L maintained after a bad week with food, he luckily knew where he had gone wrong and was happy to have maintained as he actually thought he would have put on!

I lost a pound, I had tried to be really good last week, so was hoping for a little more but it was still a loss so am happy with that.

I keep trying to remind myself that a slow progress is good, it means it will stay off and it is better than loosing dramatically, slow and steady wins the race and all of that.

I don’t actually think I ate that badly last week, and I had gone back to writing everything down, as this really helps me. Having no accountability for what I am eating, means that little snacks fall in and I don’t write them down. Which is heading to weight being put back on and not loosing weight.

Which I don’t want at all.

So the week before I brought the little diary from Slimming World to record what I am eating for the next 12 weeks.

But as I say I don’t think I ate that badly.

However drinking is my downfall. I don’t drink enough I never have.

I can easily get through a whole day with only 1/2 glasses, which is not good enough.

This week I am focussing on the drinking.

My plan is too keep my eating similar to last week but to increase my water intake.

I really need to improve how much I am drinking and I have gone and got myself a new bottle for exactly this reason, I am hoping if I can get on top of the drinking then it will make a difference to my weight loss.

Slimming World Update
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