So I like to be busy, but sometimes I just get too busy where I can’t ever see through the mist.

This last week has been a little like that, after my great productivity of sorting through the lounge and decluttering, I got stuck.

My biggest problem is I have so many ideas and sometimes, just sometimes, absolutely nothing gets done, as I can’t see through the ideas to become practical and productive. And to be honest it really stresses me out.

So Saturday I did what all work at home mothers do and went to twitter for advice. And advice I received, and lots of it. To write lists, to prioritize the important jobs from the small jobs and to work out where to go from there. It was all great advice and stuff that I could really get my teeth into. It was also things that I did know but I just seemed to have lost the motivation to do these things and it was driving me mad.

And then I got a great motivational idea, from Josie who told me to write three things down each day, something for work, something for fun, and something you have been putting off. It was a simple but sounded full proof idea, and it really caught my attention. 

So yesterday I didn’t write them down, but in my head I had three things listed.

Something I had been putting off – Filling out a form from HMRC about my National Insurance

Something for work – Starting the ‘TWINKLES’ Custom Order

Something for fun – Doing my nails

By 9pm all three had been achieved and I felt empowered.

I decided yesterday that I wouldn’t go with massive tasks, instead work on ones that would be easy to do with Boo in the day. As I have been trying to figure out when I can and can’t work, and setting a routine, more on that another day, but I wanted to make these tasks ones that I will achieve.

So my tasks for today are;

Something I had been putting off – Sorting my photos, I am not planning to finish this today, but if I get a couple of hours done I will be happy, as I am working to a massive goal. 

Something for work – Blogging, I need to add a few things to my ScrapbookerryBlog and I need to add a guest post and get some posts written so I can just publish them at later days, see I am trying to get organised here. 

Something for fun – I want to finish of my painting today, there is only a little to do and I would love it completed now. As it is something that will be completed, something that hasn’t been achieved for a long time. 

So they are my tasks for today, and I am hoping that I will get all of them done. And will feel good about myself as they are completed. If I can carry this on then things will get sorted, in the house, business and just in general in the house.

What are your great tips for getting organised?

Seeing Through The Mist
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4 thoughts on “Seeing Through The Mist

    • March 4, 2014 at 7:18 pm

      Oh its a nightmare isn’t it I really struggle as well xx

  • February 25, 2014 at 5:49 pm

    I thought this was a fab tip from Josie. On days I’m struggling I’m definitely going to put it into action. (That would be days with a y at the moment…)

    • March 4, 2014 at 7:17 pm

      Haha that is like me at the moment and I am going to try to get more on top of it xx


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