I love to make scrapbooks in different styles, and to try different equipment to make scrapbooks with. I love the different styles you can do with new products, so when Fellowes asked if I wanted to review their Saturn 3i Laminator, Star+150 Comb Binder and their Neutron+ Trimmer and to make a scrapbook with their products I jumped at the chance.

I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to scrapbook Baba’s photos. In the May half term we had a mummy and Baba day, one that doesn’t happen overly with Boo around, and we went of to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. Baba loves history, he loves boats, and he loves anything to do with the forces. So it was an exciting trip for him. He also wanted to take his own photos. A scrapbooking Mummy’s dream, when their child wants to take charge of the camera.

I let him have my old little basic bridge camera, and he went off snapping away. In total he took over 200 photos, for a first attempt they were very good, but there were a lot that you couldn’t really see what anything was. So we did go through and select the best to put into an album.

Baba didn’t want a normal scrapbook album, in the traditional albums I make but he still wanted it to 12 x 12 in size, so making it completely including the front and back was the perfect alternative to him. I used papers that were travel papers, and older looking pages, ones that had maps on, old log books, and looked like lined paper etc. Along with these papers I went with a very natural brown them, and used this along with some black and white string to embellish the album.

I firstly decided on the paper and the accessories that I was going to use for the album, and went and printed of the photos that we had picked to put into the album.

The next job after this was designing the album. I mainly used the Neutron+ Trimmer for this stage.

I was amazed at how well this trimmer, adapted to what you need as a scrapbooker. Now I am a very fussy person when it comes to trimmers and actually own seven in total, but don’t have one that does everything. I usually alternate a lot between the seven I own when making an album but this was a bit of a revolution.

The yellow dots in the photograph above make this trimmer amazing, basically each of those yellow dots, has another blade underneath them. So this little trimmer, becomes a cutter, scorer, wave cutter, and it also has a perforated cutter, which is a brilliant idea. It did take some getting used to the measurements because they were slightly different to the other trimmers that I use, but it does have angle guides as well. The blades are all in cartridges, which is fantastic enabling Baba to be able to use this trimmer as well. I did all the album with this trimmer, either, scoring, trimming, putting a wavy cut onto the pages and even using the perforated cutter on some photo edges for decoration. I didn’t reach for any of my other trimmers, which really did make the scrapbook quicker, and easier and meant that I could take the whole thing to my Mum’s house and finish the album off their!

Once all the backing papers and photos where cut and cropped it was time to design them on the pages, which I loved doing and then getting them stuck down and in place.

I then decided to make a couple of pages a little smaller. Still 12″ in length but I halved the width making them only 6″ and put a photocopy of the ticket on one side and a collage that we had printed on the other, I also made another page like this for later on in the album, that just had two photos on each side of the Captains table in the HMS Victory. As these pages were a little different to the rest of the pages I put these both through the Saturn 3i Laminator to make them stronger than the rest of the pages, and keep all the photos protected.

I also laminated the picture on the front of the album, as this one is more exposed than all the other photos and I want it to be a little more protected from fingers.

This laminator was super fast, I was really impressed how quickly it heated up and there seems to be no difference if you are heating it to the default setting of 80 or to the 125 setting. It also is very smooth to use, and I haven’t had any problems with it all. Once the laminator sheet is in place the machine moves the sheet through on its own, nice and easily, and with the holder at the back the sheet stays nice and flat, because in the past I have had sheets that bend while they are still hot as they just drop down the back of the laminator. So this is a great improvement.

After all the pages were designed it was time to start using the Star+ 150 Comb Binder. This I was very excited about as I have never used one of these before, and I was concerned it was going to be very difficult to use.

It was totally the opposite.

The whole process of binding the album was super easy.

The first port of call was to punch each page, the binder does say you can punch more than one at a time but I only did one scrapbook page at the time as I wasn’t sure with the photos and photo mats, how thick the pages would be in the whole punch. This was super easy, just putting the paper into the designated space and then pulling the handle down to make all the wholes. The best bit is that all the waste goes into a lovely little drawer that is underneath the binder.

Once all the pages were ready I put in the plastic binder, which again was very simple and just slotted in and pulled the lever to open the plastic up and put the pages onto the plastic. The best thing about this was that if I didn’t like the set up which I didn’t at first you can slide it back onto the binder and reopen the plastic and rearrange the pages. Which is a real novelty as this is not always possible in a scrapbook album.

Once they were all in the right place the album was finished.

Using these tools the whole album took 2 and a half hours from start to finish and made the process really easy, I will be making other albums like this in the future, as it is quick, it is easy and it is portable. A perfect combination.

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Disclosure:  We were provided with Saturn 3i laminator, Star+150 Comb Binder, Neutron +  trimmer to review and received no other compensation.  All of the opinions expressed in this post are my true own opinions and have not been influenced by the compensation I have received

Scrapbooking with Fellowes
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