The past few days every lasting bit of energy that I have has been put into Scrapbookerry, either building my Wow Thank You shop, making new products, designing new lines, or buying new bits and pieces. I have been manically trying to find places to advertise and have been promoting the business like anything on Facebook, and Google+.

I have been setting up Fan of the Weeks, and Product of the Weeks, all with little discounts. So I have been busy, I am determined to keep this momentum going Christmas is coming and it is the biggest sales point of the year! There are after all only 38 days until Christmas, I only have a week until CRAFTfest and I want my stock to be full, so that I can make as many sales as possible.

So I have been on a roll, I am finally concentrating on one thing only and it feels good, I still have a thousand and one things that I would like to do and constantly feel like I am chasing myself, but at the same time, it is all good things so I feel fine about it.

Working from home and starting your own business is never ending, you are constantly trying to make opportunities for yourself, trying to find places to advertise, and promote yourself as well as make stuff to sell, and sell it as well. It is 150% commitment that literally does not end! It is really hard for others to understand and I know that people think I am making up all the work that I actually do sometimes! Especially as I seem to put in a lot of work for not much return at the moment! But I literally never stop working at times.

I know that all of this effort will eventually pay off, and I am really excited to do my first Christmas with Scrapbookerry, I have only been doing this for 8 months, so the whole thing is a complete and utter baby at the moment, but I have been so lucky with what I have achieved so far. These next few weeks the momentum isn’t going to stop, I need to make make make, and sell sell sell! And you know what I can not wait!


Scrapbookerry Update
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