The last few weeks I have been sat at my computer working away on the new website for Scrapbookerry.

I have written pages, deleted pages.

I have redesigned the site and hated it.

I have loved the new site and lost it completely that was a night full of tears.

And I have finished the site and couldn’t get it to work on the domain.

It has been a long time, a lot of hours, and a lot of stress.

I am not a website designer.

I have spent many an hour searching code and trying to work out where to put it.

There are still a few things that are not 100% but things that I can not change because firstly I don’t know how to and secondly I just don’t want to break the site again.

But in general I am really happy with the site.

I have a fully functioning shop, a space to be able to write about all things scrapbooking, and a space to develop the business even further.

I have had many plans for Scrapbookerry for a while, but I didn’t have the ability to put these plans into action before now, and now I can start developing them.

It was the right thing to do and I am pleased to have done it.

And I am pleased to shout about it, Scrapbookerry’s site is finally live!!

Scrapbookerry Update
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