So last week both Baba and Boo finished school.

The first year they have both finished a school year.

Baba has walked out of Year 2 and will be walking into year 3 in September nearly an 8-year-old and Boo has finished his first 6 months of attending preschool one morning a week and will be going a morning and lunchtime in September an almost 3-year-old.

Both have had a tough year this year.

Boo did not want to start preschool at all and probably cried four months of it, he also had a very sickly start to the school system picking up everything that was going.

But he finally seems to have settled. He has made friends, and seems to generally love going to preschool now and getting a little break from Mummy to see “his friends”

He is very loud and bossy and seems as much as a tornado at preschool that he does at home, which is good at least he isn’t a different boy when he is there.

Baba has also had his struggles.

He has been off sick a lot.

He has had suspected glandular fever at one point before Christmas, virus upon virus in his throat bless him and so many cases of tonsilitis we have lost count. But we have finished the year with him finally being referred to a specialist to hopefully sort his mouth out.

He found the change of teacher hard this year and he found the work hard. Year 2 came with a lot of challenges for Baba but thankfully with the support of the head and a couple of other teachers he has come out the other side, and produced some amazing work with an amazing school report.

He is looking forward to year 3 and is really looking forward to his new teachers but for now it is time to chill.

We went away as soon as we picked him from school, and headed to Butlins for the weekend and now both boys are shattered and it is time to chill, and recharge their batteries and let them just be.

Just be kids, just hang around have no responsibilities and let them just enjoy the outdoors, enjoy their company, have late nights, sleep in late and just enjoy their time off as much as possible.

Before the hard work of Preschool and Year 3 starts again.

School End 2015-2016
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