I am a firm believer that there should be lots of books in your house.

Children should grow up with the ability to lose themselves into a book, in a fantasy that no one else can ruin.

There should be a space where they can curl up, escape from the real world, and the toughness of growing up and just be at peace. With a book in their hand and a fantasy life being played out in front of them.

When I told Mr L I wanted a rocking chair, I could tell by his face he thought I was mad.

But as he usually does, he eventually relented and I managed to find a gorgeous chair that someone was selling, that needed a little TLC.

To be honest it still needs some TLC, it isn’t going to stay this colour, and it needs a better cushion. But that is all things that will happen eventually.

For now it is in a place that everyone loves, it is in the lounge next to the piano and is used daily.

Someone is always sitting in the chair.

Then this happens.

Boo, 22 months old, grabs his brother Roald Dahl book, (one collected from a Happy Meal) he crawls into the rocking chair and he studies the book.

Front to back.

He starts to look at the pages, the pictures.

He starts to read.

We need books near the rocking chair, I had big plans for a reading nook, I missed the nook we already had.

A rocking chair, a space, rocking and reading and drifting into your fantasy world.

A perfect place for fantasy worlds to become real, and for us all to escape from the real world!

I can not wait to develop this area now!

Rocking Chair Reading Nook
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2 thoughts on “Rocking Chair Reading Nook

    • October 7, 2015 at 3:35 pm

      Thank you, I hope to make it even lovelier as I have a few plans now can’t wait to get it all finished now xx


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