A while ago I blogged about the reading nook that had slowly developed in our house, and how I wanted to upcycle the rocking chair and make this into a gorgeous area for the boys.

Last week I finally got around to doing this while the rest of the decorating was going on.

The first part of the job was to find somewhere to store the books, and while Christmas shopping I found the perfect thing.

This little shelving ladder, was perfect for the job, and was in a sale as well, so a double bonus.

It is perfect as it has two shelves so I can put Baba’s books in one and Boo’s in the other, and it was a lovely white as well, which meant that obviously the rocking chair would have to be painted as well.

This was the next job, and to be perfectly honest I thought it would be a massive task. But it really wasn’t as difficult as I had imagined, fiddly yes but not difficult.

It was all painted in a day and the transformation was huge.

I still want to change the cushion that is on the chair, but currently I can not find a fabric that I really like, so the grey one is working fine currently. But it is a perfect place to have Tito’s cushion and I love that when you now come in the lounge his face is the first thing you see. Like it always was.

The reading nook isn’t in the corner of the room it has now been moved between the unit and the sofa, but it is a lovely area. The boys climb in it all the time. Boo spends his time in the chair asking for a story and it is also in the heart of the lounge so it is used by everyone to sit and watch the TV and just chill.

It is a great little space and I love that they have that area to chill, read, learn, and disappear into a world of fantasy whenever they want too.

Do you have a special place for reading in your home?

Rocking Chair Reading Nook Part 2
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