We have always tried to get very bright flowers for Rhianna, I am not sure why but something in us says she likes bright flowers.

When she died I had an overwhelming feeling that she would like the colour purple and we have followed that idea with buying purple lilies regularly for her.

But they are hard to find, so we go for very bright flowers as well. It seems fitting that when we walk up to her grave it is the one grave that you can see across the cemetery due to the brightness of her flowers. I love that she stands out so vividly and everyone can see her little grave, even though it is one of the smallest up there.

So for her birthday we followed the theme. Bright flowers for our little girl.

Her Daddy brought these gorgeous roses, in the most amazing colours and they were perfect for her birthday. 

I then set about making them into a lovely display, we brought a round oasis years ago for something that I was going to do for Christmas, but never got around to doing so we used this for her birthday flowers. It was perfect, not to big but big enough to be from her Mummy, Daddy and big brother.

I was really pleased with how they turned out, Baba loved them and so did Mr L, they were lovely and bright and really stood out on her grave so that everyone could see them.

Perfect for our gorgeous girls birthday.

Rhianna’s Flowers
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