Last week was Rhianna’s birthday.

And as per usual it was a hard week.

We spent a lot of the week trying to decide what to do for her birthday because for the first time since her first birthday Mr L and I were on our own as both the boys were at school.

We decided earlier in the week that we would go to see Beauty and the Beast, as we were certain that we would have been dragged there by Rhianna anyway.

The plan was to go when the boys were at school,┬ábut as it turned out we couldn’t find a cinema that was showing it at the right time. So we ended up going after school with the boys, and it was brilliant taking them with us. I am really pleased that it ended up that way.

Not only was it a fantastic movie, and the boys both loved it as did Mr L and I, but it also meant that we all did something together for Rhianna’s birthday rather than just have a meal as we have done so many times now.

We also struggled with her present, I really get fed up of buying flowers and her grave is so small it is full up so quickly, we can’t all buy her flowers. So this year we didn’t buy anything until her actual birthday, and the plan was to get flowers, but when Mr L and I were out we found the most gorgeous Minnie Mouse teddy, both Baba and Boo have Mickey Mouse teddies that have been brought for them as presents, so it seemed perfect that Rhianna got a Minnie Mouse as well.

And the boys loved it, and it was so nicer than just buying her flowers, it was a present that will last, and something that is the same thing as her brothers. Which makes it even more perfect.

All in all it was one of her better birthdays.

We got to do something different, that we knew she would have loved being a five-year old girl and that made it even more special. And we all got to spend time with each other.

Now I need to make sure that we buy the DVD of the Beauty and the Beast when it comes out, as it is going to forever be a special movie to us. One that really makes me think of Rhianna and I am sure will make her brothers think of her in the future.

This year was different.

Rhianna’s birthday was a time to reflect, to remember and to celebrate her tiny little life.

That impacted so many so massively.

And that is how I want it to be every year.

I want her birthday to be happy, not sad.

I want her brothers to enjoy it.

And this year we managed it.

Rhianna Lily’s Birthday
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