Baba is a member of our local Beavers group, and last year for the first time he was involved in the Remembrance Sunday service.

He knows how important the service is and this year when the Beavers leader asked for volunteers for people to hold the flag, and place the wreath on the memorial he asked to volunteer to hold the flag. When he went to Beavers on Thursday he was asked to hold the flag, and he was so pleased.

Holding the flag meant that he had to go to a rehearsal on Saturday to learn what he had to do with the flag and to practise holding it as well. Then we had to go back to the service on Sunday.

He was a total star, and Mr L and I really couldn’t have been prouder of him.

He took the whole event very seriously, and the concentration on his face could be seen throughout the whole time he was holding the flag. He lowered it and stood perfectly while all the names were read out.

Saturday he was quite confused how to hold the flag, and where to put his hands but by Sunday he had been over it many times with Mr L and myself and you wouldn’t have even known that he was having issues remembering on Saturday.

He was a complete star.

He made Mr L and I so proud, it was amazing to stand there and watch him.

Showing his respects, and representing his group on Remembrance Day.

A day that we will always remember and I am so pleased that he got to be such a part of it.

A super proud day!

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