I spent one weekend away from the family this weekend, and even that I wasn’t the whole weekend, both Friday and Saturday I came home to sleep and was here the next morning. So I didn’t leave anyone I never was away wholeheartedly I was back every night and was here every morning.

But the powers that be somewhere punished me, from a great height.Friday night I came home from a dinner out with some old work mates, the house was quiet and there was no noise anywhere. I sneaked in sat on the sofa and watched Fridays Eastenders, to meet with a scream and cry from upstairs. I run up the stairs to find our bedroom door closed with Mr L fast asleep completely unaware that our child is screaming and crying.

I went into Baba and he was very distressed his eyes wide open and telling me that the eggs were eating him. His bed was wet and he had a huge temperature of nearly 40 degrees. I shouted and woke Mr L from his slumber to get some medicine and clean nappies. We changed Baba and sorted out his bed, giving him some meds and trying to get his temperature down. We were up until two just waiting for his temperature to subside. But by this point Baba didn’t want to sleep in his bed on his own as he was scared, so I spent the night on a chair bed next to him trying to get him to sleep. His temperature remained peaking over the night and he constantly woke telling me the eggs were eating him, I don’t know whether this was a terror, or the temperature but whatever it was it was very real to Baba on Friday night and resulted in myself and him having hardly any sleep at all!

As the rest of the day progressed I went to the hen do, with a lot of apprehension I wasn’t sure whether Baba was going to be OK and felt bad about leaving him with Mr L if he was really poorly. By 11am Mr L called to say that Baba was fine and had been for a while so not to worry, and that was it really nothing more was thought of it and the weekend carried on.

Yesterday it was all back to normal and it got to 8.15am and Baba had still not woken, as he has pre school from 9.15am I had to wake him yesterday. He woke up and was fine, he had some breakfast a couple of yoghurt’s, and then said that he felt sick. I took his temperature and at 35 degrees I wasn’t that concerned I asked him again if he felt sick and he said no. So I went into the kitchen and started preparing his lunch for school, he started to cry and was violently sick over the sofa! Thank god we have leather!

School was out the window and I had a little boy laying on the sofa wrapped in a blanket not wanting me to leave him saying that he felt sick. He stayed like this but wasn’t sick again for an hour or more, I have to admit I was beginning to think it was a one off. He then stood up and said he needed the toilet. I ran upstairs to get the potty, and as I came back he was just standing there.

Now straight off I knew something wasn’t right, he was looking straight threw me and didn’t seem to be focusing on anything, his eyes seemed glazed over. My first thought was that he was going to start convulsing on me, so I started to try to move him back to the sofa, and he suddenly projectile vomited over everything. And it didn’t stop!

I think we had nine episodes in a couple of minutes, it was in the bowl, potty, all over my lounge carpet, that so needs to be cleaned now! The poor little mite just could not stop being sick, he was so upset and I felt so bad for him. It stopped as quick as it started, he laid on the sofa for a while about another hour, and then it was like it never happened. He was back to his normal self like nothing had happened! All very strange.

He ate for the rest of the day, and he was fine, he was playing running around and laughing! Like there was never anything wrong with him. Today he has woke up fine, he is full of mischief he has eaten his three different fruits for his breakfast and seems like there was never anything wrong with him.

I am beginning to think it was punishment for me having a life away from them! There’s nothing like having a stress free weekend and then a sick puking child to bring back to earth with an almighty bump!

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4 thoughts on “Punishment!

  • July 12, 2011 at 9:24 am

    Awww bless him, must have been tough for you all. No its not punishment! your entitled to go enjoy yourself once in a while these things happen.
    As for the eggs eating him, my guess is the temperature as it was so high. Sending you both big hugs xxxx

    • July 14, 2011 at 7:39 am

      I think the temperature was really high as well which is what the eggs were about thank you xx

  • July 12, 2011 at 5:18 pm

    Aww.. that sucks. Glad he’s better now. Poor Baba and mummy.

    • July 14, 2011 at 7:32 am

      I know it was horrible poor little lamb xx


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