As we didn’t wake to snow today the best thing to do with our day was to get outside and clean up Boo’s toys so that he could do his favourite thing – playing outside.

We waited a while for the frost to melt and as soon as it was nearly gone we went outside with a watering can of warm water with washing up liquid in and some clothes and towels to wash his toy car, slide, seesaw, mower and bike so that he can go in and out and play on them when it is cold but fine.

He didn’t get to go out yesterday it poured and poured and with Boo you really notice when he hasn’t been out. He goes slightly insane.

He had great fun cleaning up his toys.

Spraying them with water.

And generally getting messing and getting some fresh air.

As soon as every thing was washed he was desperate to get his car dry and to go off to work in it.

Once it was sorted he was off, putting in petrol, filling it up with oil and driving to work.

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He spent a good hour outside mooching from car, to mower, to bike, and having a great time in the garden.

Exploring toys he hasn’t seen for a while.

And playing games he hasn’t played for a while.

I think this summer I wont be able to keep Boo inside, every chance he gets he will be outside, and it is probably a good time to look at some decent garden toys for him.

He has goal posts, and his toy car, mower, slide which I am not sure will be big enough for much longer, and a seesaw and a great play house, which to be honest is completely empty.

I am trying to think of a few other things that he and Baba can both use but it doesn’t need both of them to be there to use which at the moment I haven’t found the right thing.

What toys do you have in your garden?

Playing Outside
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