So last week I was in the middle of doing a little Tropic promotion on Instagram, I had taken the photo and was just about to edit it and post it, when my phone just turned off.

It had about 30% battery there was no reason for it to turn off.

But it just wouldn’t turn itself back on.

And it hasn’t since.

It will start but it gets stuck in the start-up screen and then just dies again.

So after a mega strop from me, as I was so angry with myself as I haven’t backed up my phone since December last year, Mr took it to the shop for me and they agreed that it is a known error and it is going off to be fixed tomorrow.

Since then I have retrieved a lot of my pictures from Facebook, which took a whole evening of going through albums and downloading pictures, but I know that I have lost many more and I have especially lost some fantastic videos that I had taken of the kids and Mr L while we have been on holiday so that is super gutting. So always remember to back up.

But not having a phone is meaning that I am having to turn on my laptop. I do a lot of business via Facebook and twitter so I am having to use the laptop to do that. But it also means that I am not messing around on Facebook games and just doing nothing.

I have probably been more proactive the last few days, and my laptop is getting very organised.

I have sorted out all the documents saved and have gone through a few thousand emails, as I decided to tackle them as well.

Next job will be my photos.

I am not sure how long the mending of my phone will take, or what will come back whether the phone numbers are save or not.

But I do know that I will always be backing up my devices from now on, and hopefully I will have some very organised digital files very soon.

What did we ever do without phones before we had them!

No Phone!
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2 thoughts on “No Phone!

  • June 19, 2017 at 8:15 pm

    Oh no what a nightmare. Glad you have got your photos back though xx

    • June 19, 2017 at 8:50 pm

      I haven’t got them all but I have got the decent ones that I have posted on Facebook so that is better than nothing x


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