I decided yesterday that Rhianna’s flowers that Boo picked on the first of the month would need to be replaced today.

After Baba had cubs we had to nip to the shops, and we decided then that he would choose her next bunch of flowers for her birthday month.

This time he brought some tulips.

Brightly coloured and beautiful.

But not big enough for the vase the other flowers were in.

So this bunch I moved into our metal watering can.

Baba was super excited to choose these flowers.

And the next bunch I get to choose.

And then Mr L gets to choose the bunch after that.

He is determined to make sure there are flowers every single day of March.

For his little sister.

Because we will celebrate her birthday.

He will spoil his little sister.

Just like brothers do.

New Flowers for Rhianna Lily
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