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This year is the start of a new chapter in our lives, the chapter where Boo starts preschool. It was something that he was so excited about, he has been asking to go to preschool since September, when Baba went back to school and was so excited when we told him that he would be starting preschool in January.

We went a couple of times in December and had a couple of visits, so he knew where he was going, he had met the people and then it was just a case of waiting. Two weeks ago he started, he is just doing one morning a week.

On his first day he was super excited about his uniform, and has never got dressed quicker than he did on his first day.

He was talking about preschool all the way there, and was full of excitement.

When we arrived he was a little upset that I was leaving but seemed to be happy and I couldn’t hear him as I walked past all of the windows.

But he didn’t cope that well, he got really upset and after a couple of hours I got a call, asking to go and get him as he did not settle at all.

However once he was home, he couldn’t stop raving about preschool and how much he loved it, and the next day he was in tears that he wasn’t going.

Last week we had a little chat before arriving, and discussed him staying for the whole morning, he told me that he would cry but he would stay. He was not lying about crying, he screamed when I left and I could still hear him when I was walking around the corner, but there was no phone call and I went to pick him up at the end of his morning session, and he was so happy.

He was running around outside, and playing and his little face was so happy.

He had got upset, and he did cry a few times, but it wasn’t anything too bad and he calmed down quickly and had a great time while he was there. So much so that he didn’t want to leave.

He told me on the way home that he loved preschool, but he will still cry next week! At least he is preparing me I suppose!


A New Chapter – Boo Starts Preschool
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