Scrapbookerry is run by Kerry Limbrick and was founded in 2011 after a demand for her crafts increased in her circle of family and friends.

Kerry is a work at home mum, who has always had a passion for craft. She was very artistic at school, and after she left school her passion for craft carried on. She has always dipped in and out of different crafting activities trying anything and everything. But it wasn’t until she tried scrapbooking nearly ten years ago that she found the thing that she loved.

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From the moment she made her first scrapbook page she was hooked on scrapbooking. She loved what you could do with a photograph and loved how a tale could be told on a page. Each page was unique and each page told a story. Since that day she has gone from strength to strength within her work.

When she had her son in 2008 she started to make mini albums to give to family members for presents. These albums were a great hit, family members were able to keep up to date with her son and she could include a lot more pictures than the limit she could include on a scrapbook page. Family members that received the albums, always had them out on show and were always showing them off to family and friends. Every person that saw them loved them, and Kerry was getting more and more requests to make these albums for a friend or a friend of a friend. This is how her business developed.

She has gradually increased her customer base, and has moved from selling to family and friends, and friends of friends to selling on the internet and having her own website.

Scrapbookerry, Scrapbooking, Photos, Memories, Memory Keeping

The business is growing everyday and Kerry has many plans for the future, this is just the beginning of Scrapbookerry and she hopes that you follow her journey as the business develops and grows.

Everything Kerry makes is completely handmade by her, she is the only person in the business. She prides herself on the fact that everything is made as if she is making it for herself and puts as much effort and care into the item as if it was the first item she has ever made!

Scrapbooking, Scrapbookerry, Memories, Photos, Scrapbooks, Mini Albums, Handcrafted

Scrapbooking, Scrapbookerry, Mini Albums, Memories, Photos, Memory Keeping, Handcrafted, Handmade Scrapbooking, Scrapbookerry, Memories, Photos, Memory Keeping, Handcrafted, Mini Albums, Keepsakes

Kerry’s mini albums, keepsakes and stationery are made to be treasured forever. 


Professional Crafter’s Guild

Professional Crafters Guild, Craft Business, Home Business, Mumpreneur Scrapbookerry is a registered member of the Professional Crafter’s Guild.

Here is a little information about the Professional Crafter’s Guild.

The Professional Crafter’s Guild was established to elevate the status of crafting to a profession, not just a hobby.”

The Guild aims to:

  • Encourage its members and raise awareness of the beautiful handmade crafts which are available from people who have a passion for crafting.
  • Reflect the diversity of crafting and keep this skill very much alive in contemporary society.
  • Provide information for its members on craft workshops, courses and events.”
 For more information about the PROFESSIONAL CRAFTER’S GUILD please click here
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Every Friday 1pm-2pm the Professional Crafters Guild run a Networking Hour over on Twitter using the hashtag #craftbiz and it is something we fully support at Scrapbookerry. To find out more click here.