Loosing a child is hard

I think that is an obvious statement.

But Baba was around.

However hard it was at the time, he was around, he experienced her loss, and he know she was here and then she wasn’t here and he will never forget that.

But it is really hard to explain to Boo.

Boo wasn’t around, and it is really difficult to know what you should say?

How do you tell him his sister is dead?

What do you say?

How do you explain it?

It is something that has been bothering me for a while.

He is so on top of things, and he needs to know

As much as he can know at 2 years old.

But it has bothered me what we do or say

He is loves the fact that Baba is his brother

And he clearly says my brother Baba.

He tells most people he knows that he has a brother and he is called Baba.

Today he was saying he was Boo, I was Mummy, Mr L was Daddy and Baba was his brother.

So I asked him if he could say Rhianna, which he said perfectly, then it just flowed. Telling him that she was his sister, which again he repeatedly perfectly and that she lived in the sky.

He then ran into the kitchen to tell Daddy…

“Rhianna is my sister, and she lives in the sky”

He doesn’t get it

He doesn’t understand what he is saying

Why should he, he is two years old.

But he is saying it

He is talking about her

He isn’t being silent

And he is being told

Rhianna is his sister, and she lives in the sky

For now I think that is all he needs to know, and I hope in the future he will never remember not knowing about Rhianna she will have always been in his life!

And that like Baba he will always talk about her and never be silent about his sister in the sky.

My Sister…
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