When I was a baby, my Grandad brought me a dollhouse, a gorgeous dollhouse that had electricity running through it and was a massive house that I played and played with as a child.

Once I finished playing with it I refused to let my mum and dad get rid of it. Both of my Grandad’s died when I was very young and I only really had the toys they brought me as a child as there weren’t that many photos around.

So it stayed at mum and dads waiting for me to decide what to do with it.

When I fell pregnant with Rhianna it was decided. It would be her house and it would be magical and she would love it like I loved it and then we would keep it for her and it would be passed down again.

That was another dream never to happen.

When Rhianna died the dollhouse still remained at mum and dads as I didn’t really know what else to do with it but I knew I didn’t want to get rid of it.

Recently I decided I wanted it to come home. I worked out that it fitted on our piano perfectly and I was happy to have it in the heart of the home, and wanted to renovate it, decorate it and make it a feature in the house. Decorate it for summer, and for Christmas and make it something that was always in the boy’s life so if they have children they will want to pass it on to their children.

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Mum and Dad brought it up last week, also with a collection of furniture that they had kept as well. They still have the transformer for the electric but I didn’t have any lamps to try it out.

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My first job was to find a light to check whether the electrics are still working.

Looking for this first opened up a can of worms there were so many variations and I knew I needed to know more about this house before I could go any further. So I went searching on the internet and found a few dollhouse groups on Facebook, posted a couple of photos and asked for some help.

Within a few minutes I was told this was a Lundby dollhouse, one that was only sold for a short space of time, and was made in 1980/1981 and was a very sort after house, and that it was the Lundby Manor House.

By the time I looked into this a little more I found out that the furniture was from Caroline’s Home, and actually the Manor House had some specific set of furniture that were made only for this house.

So since then my idea of stripping of the paper and repainting the whole house has come to a bit of a halt. I am not really sure what to do with it currently.

It is at home and it is on the piano, but I am now toying daily between leaving the damages as they are and just collecting all the original furniture for the house, and keeping it in this way. Or leaving the front and the roof as it is, and changing inside, buying all new furniture, and tacking different wallpaper up in each room and bringing the whole house into the modern age. Or completely going for it, and completely making the dollhouse to my own taste, painting it and redecorating it through out with brand new modern furniture.

I have no plans to sell this house, and my plan is to keep it and I hope one day one of the boys will have a little girl and that the dollhouse can be passed onto her, a present from their Auntie that would have loved them dearly. But who knows whether that idea will ever happen. But that is my plan.

So there are a lot of options and I just can’t decide which one to go with at the moment. I can’t decide what is the best option, and what I will be most happy with.

So for now the dollhouse sits on the piano with the furniture that I had as a child while I try to decide what to do for the best!


My Dollhouse
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